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Singapore closer to becoming Asia's Debt Restructuring Hub

A landmark ruling by an English court to recognise Singapore's new moratorium law for insolvency and corporate restructuring makes it one step closer to becoming Asia's debt restructuring hub.
Date: 29 April 2019; Type: Legal News; Source: Singapore Law Watch

Wong Kit Kee v KSE Technology (Int’l) Pte Ltd

Companies - Winding up - Just and equitable winding up

Date: 18 April 2019; Court: High Court; Citation: [2019] SGHC 97; Source: Singapore Law Watch

Co-operative Societies (Amendment) Act 2018 (Commencement) Notification 2019

This is to notify that Sections 12, 13, 26 and 42 of the Co-operative Societies (Amendment) Act 2018 come into operation on 22 April 2019.
Date: 17 April 2019; Type: Federal Subsidiary Legislation; Citation: No. S 316; Source: Singapore Statutes Online

Co-operative Societies (Amendment) Rules 2019

These Rules come into operation on 22 April 2019.
Date: 17 April 2019; Type: Federal Subsidiary Legislation; Citation: No. S 317; Source: Singapore Statutes Online

Ma Wai Fong Kathryn v Trillion Investment Pte Ltd and Others, and Another Appeal

Companies - Winding Up - Just and Equitable Grounds

Date: 20 March 2019; Court: Court of Appeal; Citation: [2019] SGCA 18; Source: Singapore Law Watch

Cheong Chee Hwa v China Star Food Group Ltd (formerly known as Brooke Asia Ltd)

Contract - Breach - Best commercial endeavours; Contract - Contractual terms - Implied terms; Companies - Reverse takeovers; Companies - Shares - Consolidation of shares; Financial and Securities Markets - Regulatory requirements - Listing and public offers - Catalist Rules

Date: 29 March 2019; Court: High Court; Citation: [2019] SGHC 86; Source: Singapore Law Watch

Thio Syn Pyn v Thio Syn Kym Wendy and Others, and Another Appeal

Companies - Oppression - Minority shareholders; Companies - Shares - Valuation - Discount on minority shares

Date: 27 March 2019; Court: Court of Appeal; Citation: [2019] SGCA 19; Source: Singapore Law Watch

Re CNA Group Ltd

Companies - Receiver and manager - Judicial management order - Extension of judicial management order

Date: 19 March 2019; Court: High Court; Citation: [2019] SGHC 78; Source: Singapore Law Watch

Kiri Industries Ltd v Senda International Capital Ltd and Another

Companies - Shares - Valuation

Date: 12 March 2019; Court: High Court; Citation: [2019] SGHC(I) 2; Source: Singapore Law Watch

Industrial Floor & Systems Pte Ltd v Civil Tech Pte Ltd

Companies - winding up; Civil Procedure - stay of proceedings

Date: 06 March 2019; Court: High Court; Citation: [2019] SGHC 50; Source: Singapore Law Watch

Ng Kian Huan Edmund v Suying Metropolitan Studio Pte Ltd and Others

Companies - Oppression - Minority shareholders; Equity - Remedies - Indemnity

Date: 05 March 2019; Court: High Court; Citation: [2019] SGHC 56; Source: Singapore Law Watch

Re: Zetta Jet Pte Ltd and Others (Asia Aviation Holdings Pte Ltd, intervener)

Insolvency Law - Cross-border insolvency - Recognition of foreign insolvency proceedings

Date: 04 March 2019; Court: High Court; Citation: [2019] SGHC 53; Source: Singapore Law Watch

CCCS Consults on In-Depth Review of Private Clinical Laboratories Merger

The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) upon the receipt of an application for a decision on whether the acquisition of Innovative Diagnostics Private Limited and Quest Laboratories Pte Ltd by the Pathology Asia Holdings Pte. Ltd. infringes the prohibition in the Competition Act against anticompetitive mergers. The CCCS complete ...
Date: 16 November 2018; Type: Press Release; Source: Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore

Variable Capital Companies Act 2018

This Act seeks to provide for the incorporation, operation, and regulation of bodies corporate to be known as variable capital companies and to provide for related matters and to make consequential and related amendments to certain other Acts.
Date: 12 November 2018; Type: Federal Act; Citation: No. 43; Source: Singapore Statutes Online

Enterprise Singapore Board (Conformity Assessment) Regulations 2018

These Regulations come into operation on 11 October 2018.
Date: 10 October 2018; Type: Federal Subsidiary Legislation; Citation: No. S 686; Source: Singapore Statutes Online

Companies (Amendment) Act 2018 (Commencement) Notification 2018

This is to notify that the Companies (Amendment) Act 2018 comes into operation on 1 October 2018.
Date: 28 September 2018; Type: Federal Subsidiary Legislation; Citation: No. S 606; Source: Singapore Statutes Online

Companies (Amendment) Act 2018

This Act seeks to amend Sections 131 and 210 of the Companies Act.
Date: 10 September 2018; Type: Federal Amendment Act; Citation: No. 31; Source: Singapore Statutes Online

Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Bill

This Bill seeks to amend and consolidate the written laws relating to the making and approval of a compromise or an arrangement with the creditors of a company or an individual, receivership, corporate insolvency and winding up, individual insolvency and bankruptcy, and the public administration of insolvency, to provide for the regulation of ...
Date: 10 September 2018; Type: Federal Bill; Citation: Bill No. 32/2018; Source: Singapore Statutes Online

Variable Capital Companies Bill

This Bill seeks to create a regime for the incorporation and regulation of Variable Capital Companies (VCCs) which are investment funds that are constituted as bodies corporate. A VCC may be a single investment fund or an “umbrella VCC” comprising a number of sub-funds. The Bill applies the provisions of the Companies Act with modificat ...
Date: 10 September 2018; Type: Federal Bill; Citation: Bill No. 40/2018; Source: Singapore Statutes Online

Companies (Amendment) Act 2017 (Commencement) Notification 2018

This is to notify that Sections 2(b), 4(a), 9 to 12, 14(a), (b) and (d), 15 to 20 and 48 of the Companies (Amendment) Act 2017 come into operation on 31 August 2018.
Date: 30 August 2018; Type: Federal Subsidiary Legislation; Citation: No. S 510; Source: Singapore Statutes Online


No Freeze in Intake of Foreign Workers - Ministry

KUALA LUMPUR, May 18 (Bernama) - The Human Resources Ministry has clarified that there is no freeze in the recruitment of foreign workers although many applications to bring in workers have been rejected for non-compliance with the law.

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Actions against those who tarnish Judiciary's Image, Dignity, says CJ

PUTRAJAYA, May 17 (Bernama) - Actions will be taken against those who tarnish the judiciary's image and dignity, says Chief Justice Datuk Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat.

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Right Decisions only Way for Judiciary to recover Glory - Attorney General

PUTRAJAYA, May 17 (Bernama) - Attorney-General Tommy Thomas says judges must always endeavour to make the right decisions, without fear or favour, and regardless of the personality of the party or the accused before them.

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Transport Ministry makes it More Flexible for e-hailing Drivers to obtain PSV Licence

KUALA LUMPUR, May 17 (Bernama) - The Ministry of Transport is willing to make it easier for e-hailing drivers to clock in the six hours of course time to obtain a Public Transport Vehicle (PSV) licence.

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RM1.56 Mln Fine on Poachers, highest so far for Wildlife Crimes

PUTRAJAYA, May 17 (Bernama) - The Kuala Terengganu Sessions Court's decision to fine RM1.56 million each on two Vietnamese poachers has been the highest amount so far for wildlife crimes in the country's history, said Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister Dr Xavier Jayakumar.

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Delegation of Lawmakers visit Netherlands

Hanoi, May 15 (VNA) - A delegation of the National Assembly’s Committee on Laws led by the committee’s vice chairman Pham Tri Thuc has just paid a working visit to the Netherlands.

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Adib Inquest: Lawyer grills Forensics Expert on 'Probability Report'

SHAH ALAM, May 16 (Bernama) - A lawyer questioned the ‘probability report’ of a specialist medical witness in the inquest into the death of Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim, that injuries to the right chest of the firefighter were caused by a curb or road shoulder.

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Telecom Regulator proposes Online Sim Card Registration

The Lao Telecommunication Regulatory Authority is developing an application for use as a possible option to speed up sim card registration.

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Government agrees to appoint a Youth to represent them in the Senate

BANGI, May 15 (Bernama) - Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced that the government has agreed to appoint a member of the Senate from among the youths with wide expertise and knowledge in the field and issues on the development of youths.

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MoF sets up Debt Management Office

KUALA LUMPUR, May 15 (Bernama) - The Ministry of Finance has set up the Debt Management Office (DMO) to review and manage the government’s debt and liabilities.

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Additional Appellate Court would be a timely upgrade

In order to curb the increased caseload on the Court of Appeal, a new appellate court may be introduced by the Government to support it, a move that may end up in restructuring of Supreme Court.

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RoK helps Vietnam accelerate Judicial Reform

Hanoi, Apr 26 (VNA) - The Supreme People’s Court and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) launched a project on improving trial transparency and quality at Vietnamese courts during a ceremony in Hanoi on April 26.

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DOLE announces 29 Job Fir Venues Nationwide on Labor Day

MANILA, Apr 29 (PNA) - The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is inviting job seekers to a nationwide job fair on May 1.

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Universities, Industry Players to join forces for IR 4.0

GEORGE TOWN, Apr 29 (Bernama) - The joint forces of the brains in the universities and the capacity and capabilities of key industries will make a change for a better world through the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0), said Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) vice-chancellor Prof Dr Asma Ismail.

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BNM appoints Two External Members to Monetary Policy Committee

KUALA LUMPUR, Apr 29 (Bernama) - Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has reappointed Professor Dr Yeah Kim Leng and appointed Datuk Dr Gan Wee Beng as external members of its Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) effective April 1, 2019.

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Doing nothing about Disruptive Tech would be biggest Mistake: CJ

The speed at which law firms incorporating AI into their work processes poses threat to lawyers getting out of jobs, and urged the lawyers to seize the moment and be at the frontline of technological change, warning that the "biggest mistake" would be to do nothing.

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Government Agencies urged not to use Unlicensed Software

MANILA, Apr 26 (PNA) - The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) on Friday urged government agencies to use licensed software to prevent copyright infringement in the country.

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Kula Segaran to chair ASEAN Labour Minister Special Session in Singapore

KUALA LUMPUR, Apr 28 (Bernama) - Human Resource Minister M. Kula Segaran will lead the Malaysian delegation to the Special Session of the ASEAN Labour Ministers and Singapore Conference on Future of Work which will be held in Singapore tomorrow (April 29).

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